Frequently Asked Questions

Will practicing on a synthetic backyard putting green really improve my game?
Tour Greens synthetic golf greens simulate the look, feel and performance of a natural grass green so practicing on them offers a fun and easy way to improve your game.  Learn more about the Benefits of Practicing Your Short Game on a Synthetic Backyard Putting Green.
What are the advantages of using Tour Greens?
The materials used in the manufacturing process of artificial grass products, including the yarns and backing, along with improved methods of installation have resulted in much more impressive results: artificial grass surfaces that look and feel like real grass. Discover the Advantages of Tour Greens Backyard Putting Greens.

Design & Performance

What types of putting greens does Tour Greens install?
Tour Greens specializes in backyard putting greens made with artificial or synthetic turf. Our synthetic putting greens play like the finest golf greens in the world. The synthetic grass products we use look, feel and play like real grass. See more about out Types of Artificial Putting Greens.
Why choose a backyard putting green made of synthetic grass or artificial turf rather than natural?
The quality and variety of artificial grass products has improved dramatically over the years. This allows Tour Greens to utilize synthetic putting surfaces that very closely simulate the same characteristics of greens on the best golf courses in the world. Tour Greens can install an artificial grass putting green that approximates bent grass or bermuda and will receive your shots as well as any real grass golf course green. Learn more about the Advantages of Synthetic Turf Putting Greens vs. Natural Grass.
How does the Tour Greens synthetic putting green surface receive a shot?
When you own a putting green by Tour Greens, you own the finest synthetic putting and chipping surface available. A green by Tour Greens looks, feels, hits, receives, and putts just like real grass. Watch a video to see how a Tour Greens' golf green receives the ball.
At what speed do Tour Greens artificial putting greens roll?
Not all golf greens are created equal. The speed at which a ball rolls on the green can vary significantly from course to course.  Tour Greens' engineered system allows our owners to adjust the speed of their greens by simply brushing and rolling them.  Learn more about the Putting Green Speeds.
Can Tour Greens have contours and undulations like a real putting green?
Absolutely. Our Tour Greens synthetic green system utilizes over 6 pounds per square foot of a specialized rounded quartz silica (RQS 2000 Infill). The sheer weight of the quartz silica (over 3 tons for a 1,000 sq.ft. green) anchors the turf in place, causing it to conform to the slopes and contours that we carefully design and sculpt into the base.

Construction & Installation

What artificial turf options does Tour Greens offer for backyard putting greens?
Tour Greens offers many types of artificial turf for outdoor and indoor putting greens. Find out more about our Artificial Turf Options.
How do Tour Greens artificial grass putting greens compare to other turf products?
The quality and variety of artificial grass products has improved dramatically over the years. Tour Greens can install synthetic putting surfaces that very closely simulate the same characteristics of greens on the best golf courses in the world. Learn more about the Quality of Tour Greens putting greens.
What is the minimum area required to install an artificial putting green?
Tour Greens putting surfaces can be practical even in limited spaces. Consider the advantages of having a backyard putting green designed and installed by Tour Greens: you can practice anytime and as often as you like. Learn more about Backyard Putting Green Space Requirements.
How do you build a backyard putting green?
For our most common greens...we start by excavating and compacting the site. Then we lay a geotextile layer to provide integrity.  On top of this we add a two-layer compacted crushed stone base. We then shape and contour to your specifications. Next we place the turf and add our proprietary RQS-2000 Infill. We then blend this into the turf with a specialized power broom from Germany. This causes the fibers to stand upright, relax and blossom. Next, we apply a combination of black and green RQS Top Dressing, which gives the green a realistic appearance. Finally, we adjust the speed of the green by rolling it, clean up and let you start practicing.  Learn more about How We Build Backyard Putting Greens.
Does Tour Greens install backyard putting greens where I live?
Headquartered in Atlanta, Tour Greens has certified installers worldwide. Find out more about our Local Golf Green Installation Options.
How long will it take to install a Tour Greens green?
Most greens can be installed in about a week, depending on the amount of site preparation and clean up required. You might be putting and chipping the weekend after we start!
Can I build my own backyard putting green?
While not impossible, the challenges associated with building your own backyard putting green are significant. Natural grass greens require a certain level of expertise to build, but even more to maintain.  Synthetic putting greens are easier to maintain, but the installation process requires turf products and infill designed especially for golf greens, a fair amount of equipment, and a lot of expertise.  Learn more about the challenges to Building Your Own Backyard Putting Green.
Can artificial putting greens be installed indoors as well as outdoors?
Tour Greens offers many synthetic and artificial turf products for a variety of applications. See more about indoor and outdoor putting applications.

Maintenance & Lifetime

How long will my Tour Green golf green last?
The turf used in Tour Greens putting greens features polypropylene fibers that are designed to resist the harmful effects of rain, snow, ice, and sun. With proper and regular maintenance (once or twice a year), your green can last 15 years or more.
How durable is the artificial turf that Tour Greens uses for installation?
Tour Greens combines the finest artificial grass products with expert installation to provide you with an artificial putting green that maintains its soft feel and realistic performance for many years with minimal maintenance. Read more...
What kind of maintenance is required with a Tour Green golf green?
The short answer is that Tour Greens artificial grass putting green surfaces require very little maintenance. You need only keep the golf green surface free of debris. Learn more about Tour Green Maintenance.
How does weather affect the synthetic grass of my backyard putting green?
The best thing about having a backyard putting green made of synthetic grass is that it can be played on year-round. Learn more about the durability of artificial putting greens.

Cost & Other Concerns

How much will a Tour Green golf green cost?
There are many ways to install a backyard putting green using artificial turf that looks good and may cost less than a putting green designed by Tour Greens, but the sacrifice made is one of quality. Read more about the cost of an artificial putting green.

Are synthetic backyard putting greens environmentally friendly?
A Tour Greens backyard putting green is an eco-friendly synthetic lawn surface that is beautiful year-round. Discover why Tour Greens makes some of the top eco-friendly artificial grass surfaces around.
Do you install artificial grass for purposes other than backyard putting greens?
Tour Greens is also one of the leading suppliers and installers of synthetic turf and court tile products throughout North America.  Not only do we install synthetic turf for other applications, but our VersaCourt division is one of the largest suppliers of court tile systems in the world. Learn more about our Synthetic Grass and Court Tile Surfaces.