Golf Courses

The costs to install and maintain natural grass greens, tee boxes, and driving ranges for the typical golf club are very high.  Faced with water restrictions, noise ordinances, and the general attitude of people to be more environmentally friendly, golf course operators are looking for alternatives.  Couple this with people's desire to play year round and you can see why synthetic turf solutions are gaining in popularity with golf courses.

Driving Range Solutions

At this time, the majority of our projects with golf course operators have been related to installing synthetic turf solutions like tee lines, target greens and hitting mats for driving ranges.  You can read more about this in our Driving Ranges section.

Golf Courses with Synthetic Greens and Tee Boxes

While the movement still appears to be in its infancy, interest continues to grow from those looking to develop golf courses using synthetic turf greens and tee boxes.  By eliminating the extensive ongoing maintenance requirements and costs, small communities, resorts and even private residents are now installing their own golf courses.

"18 Hole Course"

This "18 Hole Course features 5 Synthetic Putting Greens and 9 Tee Boxes.  The par 68 course plays at 5,200 yards.

4 Hole Course