At Tour Greens, our in-house design team and certified dealers will work with you to design the best golf green for your particular environment, application and budget.

Our process typically starts by asking a few basic questions:  Will this be for residential or commercial use?  Is it for an indoor or outdoor application?  Once we get this basic information, we can turn to more specific questions:

  • Will this green be used exclusively for putting or more for short game practice?

  • How much space is available for the green and potential tee boxes or chipping/hitting areas? – Tour Greens designers specialize in creating short game green with tee boxes and other hitting areas.

  • Are there specific characteristics you desire? – We know not everyone wants a perfectly flat green.  Tour Greens can be built with undulations and contours that conform to PGA guidelines and are constructed from a variety of turf materials to best simulate the golf experience you desire.

  • How fast of a green do you want? - Tour Greens turf can be adjusted to achieve the speed of the green you desire.

  • What type of landscaping are you visualizing? -  Backyard putting greens can be made with sand traps, elevations, rolling hill sides, rock walls and other hazzards.


Armed with the answer to these questions, we can then turn to developing a design.

Rough Drawing Final Product

Putting Green Design

Synthetic Putting Green - After