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Tour Greens synthetic turf putting greens and hitting turf are ideal for all types practice facilities and golf schools not only because they simulate the feel and performance of natural grass greens, but due to their ability to remain true under constant use with minimal maintenance.

Respected Golf Instructor and Golf Digest TOP 50 Teacher John Elliot Jr. identified 5 reasons why he likes our greens:

Playability is Magnificent - The ball rolls in the direction you get it doesn't do a lot of funny things.  In other words, it rolls true like a tournament golf green.

Flexibility (Speed can be Altered) – You can find the speed that you are looking for as you may be planning to play at a golf course with slow greens or faster greens.  By brushing and rolling the green, you can alter the green’s stimp speed.

True Short Game Green – Short game shots that are so important to scoring are all around the green and you can create whatever you are looking for.  Greens can be outfitted with fringe, first cut, chipping mats and tee boxes for maximum utility.

Sound is Correct – You hear a correct shot.  You can get that single compression…what John calls “C-B-G” or Club, Ball, Ground where you have three collisions occurring but only producing one noise…if you do it correctly. 

Design – You can create the design that you desire…flat, some slope, lots of slope.  You can even model it after greens in use throughout the country.

You will find Tour Green Practice Greens and Turf in many top practice facilities and schools including Clemson University, University of South Carolina, Iowa State University, and the University of Wisconsin.

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