This is one of the most frequently asked questions we get, but it is also one of the most difficult to answer.  As a general rule, a Tour Greens® synthetic putting green generally costs between $15 and $40 per square foot which includes design, materials and installation. These costs, however can vary significantly based on the size of the green, features and other site-specific factors.

  • Greens 2,000 square feet and larger: $15 to $20 per square foot
  • Greens 400 - 2,000 square feet: $20 and $30 per square foot
  • Greens under 400 square feet: Typically over $30 per square foot
Short Game Green

Types of Greens

Tour Greens designs and installs a variety of golf greens that utilize different construction methods and different types of synthetic turf. Our short game greens are primarily used in outdoor applications and often utilize multiple turfs (for putting surfaces, fringe, and possible cuts), two RQS Infill systems, a geotextile barrier, and large amounts of compacted stone and stone dust. Conversely, an indoor putting green may only require a pad, turf, and the labor to install it.

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As one would expect, designing a tour-quality putting green can be a relatively complex task. Our designers need to not only consider how to design the base and ensure proper drainage, but putting greens that simulate those on the tour typically have design features that require training and experience to create. Given this, the cost of a typical putting green can vary a bit depending on how complex the design of the green is and what skill level is required to create it. At Tour Greens, our designers and dealers not only have extensive training and experience, but we are also the exclusive partner of Arnold Palmer Design Company.

Site Access & Preparation

The accessibility of the site to equipment and materials can have a huge impact on the time and costs involved to install a green. Some locations have very little access and our crews may have to use wheelbarrows and small equipment while others have wide open access and easily accommodate larger machines.

Similarly, the need for significant grading and sodding or the addition of retaining walls or other landscaping to prepare and finish the land will have a major impact on the price.

Backyard Putting Green Installation Cost


While many of our customers start out looking for a backyard putting green, it only takes a few minutes looking through our portfolio of work before they start inquiring about bunkers, tee boxes, dry creeks, water hazards and other cool features. These may not affect the cost of the green, but they do have an impact on the cost of the entire project.


The Tour Greens secret to creating a high-quality, synthetic putting and chipping green is the installation process. Our staff and dealers undergo extensive training to master Tour Greens design and installation techniques.

We also understand there are many ways to install a backyard putting green using artificial turf and some of these methods provide greens that look good and cost very little. Unfortunately, improperly installed greens do not perform and do not stand the test of time. Tour Greens are installed in accordance with our proven process and under the guidance of our installation specialists or those of our certified dealers. While our installation process is typically more thorough and time consuming than others, it allows us to create greens that truly simulate the look, feel and appearance of natural grass greens along with durability and low-maintenance associated with a synthetic turf green.

Given the wide variety of options available we encourage you to contact us to discuss your project with one of our professionals.  Or, if this type of green is not right for you, consider one of our low cost Portable Putting Greens.

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