Located in the Bahamas' Exuma Chain, Over Yonder Cay is a 72-acre private island famous for its white limestone rock formations and bright blue waters. Over Yonder Cay approached Tour Greens and The Recreational Group to design self-sustaining, eco-friendly amenities for their guests to enjoy. 

Outdoor Putting Green

Tour Greens Nine-Hole Golf Course

There are few places in the world where guests can tee off surrounded by azure colored water and the rugged limestone landscape on their very own private island. So, OYC developers wanted to ensure that the island’s course provided breathtaking views while still giving players a challenging round. Tour Greens designers evaluated the island and then harmonically blended the course into its environment. 

OYC Practice Green

Tour Greens Practice Putting Green

Whether preparing a round on the course or just putting around with the family, the Tour Greens putting green was designed to be fun and challenging for all. The infilled turf greens looks and react just like a traditional golf green. 

Synthetic Turf Tennis Court

XGrass Synthetic Grass Tennis Court

As if the resort required more unique amenities, The Recreational Group designed and installed an XGrass synthetic turf tennis court to bring a little piece of Wimbledon to the island. 

Synthetic Turf Landscape

XGrass Landscape Turf

Soft, vibrant, and sustainable, XGrass landscape turf is the perfect low-maintenance solution for Over Yonder Cay. The resort grounds now have lush, green synthetic turf lawns that do not require water, chemicals or fertilizers to maintain their appearance. 

Self-sustaining solutions

Eco-Friendly, Self-Sustaining Solutions

Since the island predominantly operates on a hybrid renewable energy system composed of wind turbines and a 1.5-acre solar field, the island’s developers were looking for solutions that minimized the use of energy, maintenance, water and pesticides. By integrating synthetic turf solutions from XGrass and Tour Greens, visitors are able to enjoy golf and tennis as well as some play time in the backyard. 

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