Practice year round with an indoor putting green.

Tour Greens offers custom artificial putting green design and installation for in-home use. Utilizing our revolutionary synthetic golf turf and pre-molded tiles or custom shaped polystyrene sections, Tour Greens designers can develop a contoured putting green base for realistic breaks and undulations that you would find on a real bent grass green.

Indoor Putting Greens

Tour-Quality Performance

Using our tour-quality synthetic turf, laser cut polystyrene foam, pre-molded tiles and other structural components, we can simulate the performance of a PGA-Tour quality green.

Indoor Putting Greens

Customizable Design

Tour Greens artificial putting greens can be customized to seamlessly fit into your existing space. We can also tailor the green speeds and breaks to your exact specifications.  

Short Game Practice

Short Game Practice

If space allows, Tour Greens can integrate artificial fringe grass and chipping areas to create a truly unique indoor golfing experience. 

Modular Putting Greens

The Players Series

Modular Putting Green Kits

Designed by industry experts for serious golfers - DIY putting green kits exclusively through XGrass.

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We encourage you to contact us to discuss your project with one of our professionals. Or, if you are looking for a lower cost option, visit XGrass to learn more about our modular, DIY putting green kits.

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