Succeeding on the PGA tour requires practice, but with all of the travel, public appearances and other demands, finding time to practice can be tough. That is why pros like Brendan Todd turn to Tour Greens to help them practice at home. We created this low-maintenance, at-home practice facility to simulate what he encounters on the tour. It includes:

  • A contoured putting green
  • Two cuts of fringe
  • Two cuts of rough
  • Two tee boxes

Chipping Practice

Putting Practice

Tour Greens designer Brad Brackett team up with Brendan and his caddie Don Gadberry to create this 2,000 square foot contoured putting green featuring a synthetic Bermuda grass and our proprietary RQS infill. The putting green not only simulates the speed and feel of one on the tour, but it reacts like one too.

Chipping Practice

Chipping Practice

To help Brendan practice his chipping, we added two cuts of fringe using Dynamic Pro Plus and Native Grass from XGrass. Each grass features a slightly different height and face weight to simulate different types of fringe he will see on the weekends.

Flop Shots from the Fairway

Flop Shot Practice

The ability to “flop” a shot onto a green out of the rough is key to escaping trouble on the tour so we also outfitted Brendan’s practice facility with two cuts of heavier rough. From here he can practice his flop shots knowing that the putting green will accept the shot just like a natural grass putting green.

Tee Box

Pitching Practice

For practicing longer pitches or short shots from the fairway, we also built two tee boxes at the 60-yard and 80-yard marks so Brendan could practice his pitch shots. These tee boxes feature durable synthetic grass mats that are designed to withstand heavy use while simulating the feel of a typical fairway.

Fun with the Family

Best of all, Brendan can now enjoy more time with his family. Not only can he practice at home, but his entire family can enjoy the “facility” with putting games or closest to the pin contests.

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