Tour Greens putting courses are quickly becoming a favorite amenity of hotels, resorts and living communities. Our putting courses can be designed and integrated for both indoor and outdoor settings, and they provide a safe, fun activity for people of all ages.

Transform your Existing Space

Transform your Existing Space

Synthetic grass putting courses prove an aesthetically pleasing and low-maintenance to traditional landscape and courtyard areas. The vibrant and natural look of a Tour Greens putting course will make an excellent addition to any landscape, and your clients will love it.

Customizable Designs

Customizable Designs

Our in-house design staff will help you design a unique and exciting putting course for your hotel, resort or facility. We can even integrate planting and hardscape design to completely transform your space.

WWII Themed Putting Course Case Study

Revitalizing a Tennis Court

Convert Your Unused Tennis Court

One of the more common requests we get relates to how one can convert an unused tennis court into a more exciting amenity. While RG offers a number of solutions for resurfacing a tennis court, one popular option is to convert the space into putting course. See how Tour Greens worked with a local community to convert its infrequently used tennis court into a low-maintenance putting course made from XGrass putting green turf.

Revitalizing a Tennis Court Case Study

Rooftop Putting Course

Bring Your Rooftop to Life

For those looking to bring a rooftop to life, Tour Greens can team up with Ultra Base Systems to create rooftop putting greens featuring its all-in-one synthetic grass support and drainage panels. These lightweight panels provide the stable base needed for the putting greens to function properly while providing the needed drainage and durability required of any rooftop application.

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