For many golf enthusiasts, the idea of trying to maintain a real, bent grass putting green in one's backyard is not enticing.  You would not only have to monitor sunlight, water, soil conditions, and fertilizer, but real putting greens need to be cut with a professional, reel-type mower. 

Artificial grass putting greens require no water, no fertilizer and very little maintenance. 

Recommended Maintenance Schedule

It may take several weeks for your green to mature to its optimum performance level. The green should be rolled each day until desired speed is achieved. In order to maintain softness, the green should be brushed and rolled. Brushing is particularly important because it softens the fibers and levels the infill to encourage a true roll. After brushing, the green must be rolled again in order to set the speed.

Additional rolling will increase the speed of the green. 

1st Month:  Brush and roll 4 times in heat of the sun. May need to add additional top dressing.

2nd Month:  Brush and roll 2 times.

3rd-12th Month: As needed.

Over a period of time, the colored top-dressing will begin to settle down into the infill causing the green to lose its deep, rich appearance. This is normal and cannot be avoided, but can be remedied simply by brushing and adding more top-dressing using the same procedures described earlier.

Care and Maintenance Tips

Basic precautions and care will insure that your green will maintain its appearance and optimum performance for many years. These tips are not expensive and do not take a lot of time, but can do a lot to protect your investment for future use. 


Keep any kind of flame (cigarettes, charcoal grills, fireworks, etc.) away from the surface.

Keep gasoline, oil or any other petroleum-based chemicals away from the surface.

Keep surface free of leaves, grass clippings, or other debris. A good leaf blower works well to help keep the surface clean.

Be careful when using any type of edging tools near the edge of the surface.

Mildew can become a problem if water cannot drain or evaporate from green. Normally, mildew will not damage the green, but can discolor it. Your green can be cleaned with soapy water or a diluted bleach cleaner (50% bleach and 50% water) and a brush.

The turf will resist the harmful effects of rain, snow, and ice, but prolonged exposure to sun rays will fade the colors over several years. Most people will hardly notice the difference, but a cover can help.


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