What Make Tour Greens Golf Greens Superior to the Competition?

While the synthetic turf we use to build Tour Greens short game greens is unique, it just one part of "The Short Game System" that allows us to truly simulate the look and performance of a tour-quality, natural grass green.

Multi-Layer Base

Multi-Layer Base

The base layer of an outdoor golf green is typically existing or newly shaped soil. It is in this layer that we introduce contours and undulations for uphill, downhill, and breaking putts.  The Geotextile fabric provides an extra layer of stability and integrity when sculpting the compacted sub-grade.

Two-Layer Aggregate Base

After the base layer is constructed, two-layer, compacted aggregate base that provides stable support and drains quickly is installed.

Synthetic Turf Designed Specifically for Putting Greens

The synthetic turf used to create short game greens is manufactured from fibers specifically designed to simulate the softness, texture, density, and color of natural bentgrass. Our precise specifications achieve optimum pile height and density, creating a putting surface that is truly realistic and performs just like a natural bentgrass putting green.

The turf used by many of our competitors is made from common “off-the-shelf” synthetic fibers designed for action sports like football, soccer, or tennis, not putting greens. 

DuraFlo Backing

All-Purpose Backing

The all-purpose urethane backing system is 50% more permeable than perforated urethane backed products which provides superior drainage and reduces puddling on the green.

Unique Infill System, RQS Infill System

Unique Infill System, RQS Infill System

The Tour Greens system integrates unique infill sand into the fibers of the turf to create a natural feel and softness in the putting surface. Other competitors use locally available, angular sand as an infill, which causes the putting surface to compact and harden over time.

RQS is made from a specially formulated blend of cleaned and size-graded round quartz designed to keep the putting surface consistent and receptive for the life of the green.  RQS is shipped from our facilities, or from one of only two mines in the U.S. where it is naturally available.

The infill system also incorporates our Colored Top Dressing, a specially formulated blend of black and green acrylic-coated quartz.  This layer gives the green a deep rich luster that makes it uniquely Tour Greens.


We encourage you to contact us to discuss your project with one of our professionals. Or, if you are looking for a lower cost option, visit XGrass to learn more about our modular, DIY putting green kits.

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